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About Neil


Neil is a former Junior Moto–Cross champion and TaeKwonDo Blackbelt. He was always a keen sportsman and kept himself fit. However as time passed and middle age approached he let himself go big time.

Eating the wrong types of food, drinking far too much and not exercising, led to him being extremely overweight and very unhealthy. His cholesterol and blood pressure were dangerously high and he had no energy. Just getting up in the morning hurt.

His doctor was becoming increasingly worried about his health and suggested he should go on medication. This was the wake up call he needed!

Neil researched ways to lose weight and improve his health. He soon discovered the importance of nutrition and exercise. Putting together an action plan using NutriBlends and his trusty Nutribullet he quickly lost 3 stone in weight and lowered his blood pressure and cholesterol to a normal healthy level.

Inspired by his incredible results, his newfound energy and zest for life, Neil qualified as a Personal Trainer and made it his mission to help as many people as possible improve their lives.

Let Neil help YOU now!


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